: 08/21/1975
AGE : 29 years old
HEIGHT : 5'06"
WEIGHT : 140 lbs




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Dan Clune disappeared from the Long Bridge Bar and Grill (Sandpoint, Idaho) on November 6, 2004 just before 2AM, he was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and blue knit ski cap. Detectives, family and friends have searched the surrounding areas and don't believe Danny wandered off alone. Danny had just recently moved to Sandpoint from New York City. He loved his new small town life and was looking forward to settling down.

Friday November 5th Danny and some friends went to The Long Bridge Grill outside of Sandpoint, ID. Just prior to the bar closing, he and his friends began to regroup for the car ride home. The last time Danny was seen, he was looking for a friend and retrieving his blue hooded sweatshirt from the bar at about 1:45am. Cell phone records show Danny tried to call one of his close friends at 1:57am, this was the last call made from his cell phone to date.

Friends waited about 15 minutes in the parking lot, but didn't see him. Thinking he may have decided to walk home, they began driving toward Sandpoint, stopping to see if he was among the pedestrians on the Long Bridge walkway, but he was nowhere to be found.

On December 17, 2004 a duck hunter discovered a badly decomposed body in an Idaho river. On December 22, 2004 dental records were used to positively identify the body as Danny.

Danny's case is still open and we will continue to search for answers.

Anyone with information about Dan Clune should call Bonner County central dispatch
(208) 265-5525.

Please do not contact the family with, email, or post potentially sensitive information on message boards.

Email : finddanny@gmail.com