: 08/21/1975
AGE : 29 years old
HEIGHT : 5'06"
WEIGHT : 140 lbs




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Summers at the beach

I don’t remember exactly when I met Danny but I don’t remember a summer at the beach without him. The best beach memories I have of my summers in Point were with Danny and the rest of our beach gang. We had freedoms at 12 and 13 that most kids never have – our parents knew where we were and pretty much what we were doing but we felt like we owned the beach! We spent our days on the beach and our nights up the boards and when we were done up the boardwalk we were hanging out up “at the top” under the boardwalk.

I remember the Cluney Bin before it was remodeled. We left after one summer and returned the next and the Clune’s had added another story. I think it was around Memorial Day when Danny came and got all of us to come and see the new house. He was so excited and proud of his new house. As we walked down the boardwalk to the Cluney Bin, Danny was telling us about all of the details, just beaming from ear to ear. He told us about his room, the living room and about the view from his parent’s balcony. Danny also boasted that his parents had installed a water fountain in their bathroom. We were all amazed and couldn’t wait to see. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world!

When we got to the house Danny took us on a meticulous tour of every single room. You would have thought that Danny had built the house himself. I remember walking through every single room an Danny pointing out all of the details. Our tour wound its way upstairs and our anticipation grew. We were so excited to see the water fountain! We walked into the master bathroom and there it was. It didn’t look like any other water fountain I had ever seen but I wasn’t going to say anything. Danny was showing us how it worked when our friend Jessica stepped up and said “Danny, that’s not a water fountain, it’s a Bidet!”
~ Kara Lashley

The night that Danny shaved his head

I was lucky enough to get to know Danny for the last few years and got to spend time with him whenever he came back home. Danny was always a person who was happy to embrace whoever was around and no matter who came along he was there to be sure they were having fun! I got to be a part of Danny’s birthday lobster dinners and got to hang out with Danny and Ryan on the boat.

But through the last few weeks I keep coming back to one memory The night that Danny shaved his head I’m sure it’s been recalled a few times already but I’d like to talk about after the main event of the night occurred. We all headed down to Jenkinson’s to hang out for the night and meet up with Danny and his friends who were already down there. I got into the bar and was immediately welcomed with a huge hug from Danny and an immediate request for what I’d like to drink!

Danny made it a point that night to tell everyone how glad he was that they were there. It didn’t matter if he had known you through years of friendship or if you had only been able to be together on a handful of occasions. He didn’t care that it was his birthday and his night to celebrate, he just wanted everyone to appreciate the company and enjoy each other and the summer and the perfect night. That’s what I’ll take away from the time I got to know Danny. It didn’t matter whose night it was, just that everyone was there, everyone was smiling and everyone had a good time. ~Kate Armstrong

Danny seeing himself for the 1st time with short hair

When I first met Danny

When I first met Danny I was standing on top of the Clune family coffee table (acting pretty ridiculous, not expecting anyone to come in), when in walked Danny. With a low key shrug of his shoulders, a nod, and a smile, I got the patented Dan Clune “Hey”. From that point on, I would receive the same “Hey” at every family function, birthday, summer party, etc. for the next several years.

Dan was always the best to sit next to at these events because if you listen closely, you’ll hear some priceless (often sarcastic) one liners, which can leave you rolling. From his low key “Hey” you would never guess that , when comfortable, Dan could become the life of the party. If you got to see that side of him, you can be assured that you were very special to him.

Although I’ve seen him get wild (note the “head shaving” party), my favorite times with Dan were the low key, chilled out times, hanging out on the boat, discussing something pointless, or watching tv on the couch. Thank you for being who you are Dan, you’ll be missed. ~Andy Hartman

You were the person that made me laugh after everything that made me sad.
You were the one I would call if I needed to understand the obscure.
You were the one I turned to when I needed to feel most understood.
I’ve had few best friends in this world who really understood me without saying a word. I love how you did everything you wanted to do in life. Sometimes I would feel like you were going to get an ulcer from doing too many things but you would just say, ”Stop worrying. This makes me happy.” When you would look at me and smile and tell me, ”Oh Kendall Thank You!” I knew inside your head you were thanking me for being your best friend. And I would look at you and say ,” Dude, thank you!”

Do you remember how we used to sit on my floor and share our music with each other for hours. How you would sit there so patiently listening to my Tori Amos fanatic girl obsession not to mention our disco solo dance parties. We laughed about that later, but we still had our dance parties to music that made our souls tickle. I’m glad we danced that last day. Our friendship spoke its history through songs and words and that is how I will always find you.

I will find you when the air brushes my hair the trees shake their leaves to the ground like a dance. I will find you when I snowboard down our hill right behind you as I always was. I will find you when I hear a song I can picture you closing your eyes to and grooving your head in a circular motion. I already feel you all around me.

You have been the one constant in my life. You have been the one person that knew all of my phases by story or experience. You were the person who would let me embarrass them by boasting about your Def Leopard loving baby-sitter and break dance career. You were modest, and the person who would say the least in a large crowd but absorb it all. I know that you haven’t left me. I know that we are still best friends. I know that every new birth on this planet I will look for you.

I can never replace what we have had together and I can never accept that it is gone. It has just changed forms and I will have to learn to listen to you in another way. You are my favorite person, someone so close to me I have appointed my brother. You are my memories and my interests. You are my life and my stories. You are the person I will always turn to. You are my heart and you are my conscious. To me you will always be found in a song. Music was what you lived your life by. I hear you right now.
You are with me forever, ~ Kendall

Danny and Kendall October 31, 2005

Danny was the nicest guy you could ever meet

We briefly dated a couple of years back, brought together by our mutual love for seeing live music and spending time around Park Slope, Brooklyn. Danny was the nicest guy you could ever meet, had so much love for people and the world, and would go out of his way to be kind.

I remember just before New Year's 2003, there was a much talked about Phish show at Madison Square Garden (their first show back after a 2-year break from touring). Everyone was desperate for tickets, and of course Danny scored some without a problem. During the time we were seeing each other, I had mentioned that I had friends from overseas who loved Phish but had never seen them in concert, and were hoping to get tickets and come see them for the first time on new year's. By the time late December rolled around, Danny and I weren't seeing each other anymore and the show was rapidly approaching. There were absolutely no extra tickets floating around - except, of course, if you were Danny, and were interconnected in ways beyond comprehension. I got an email from him about a week before the show - he had 2 extra tickets, remembered about my friends, and wondered if they were still interested in going to the show. I was blown away by his thoughtfulness. I know that he had countless good friends that would have done anything for those tickets, and he was willing to give them to 2 total strangers because he was touched by their story. That's the kind of person Danny was. My friends didn't make it to NYC that new year's, but I told them about Danny's generosity, and they too were touched.

After that, I saw Danny a couple of times, at concerts of course. It was always nice to run into him because he was so easy to talk to, and seemed to put people at ease somehow. My heart goes out to all of you during this terrible time. I hope that Danny's memory brings you comfort and peace. ~ Carolyn Weiss

While I only new him for a short time, Danny touched my life in an incredible way

I moved to sandpoint last november, and met danny first when he came to visit kendall, and then later when he moved out.  we only lived a few blocks from each other. 

While i only new him for a short time, Danny touched my life in an incredible way.  My favorite memory of danny is when we were at buddha and marias house on east bronx road.  the two of us took over the cd player and played phish show after phish show.  other people wanted to change but we insisted and danced all night long.  there were just a few moments during that night that i feel like danny soul was dancing right there with mine, a deep and wonderful connection that i have never felt before. ~Melissa Mchugh

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