: 08/21/1975
AGE : 29 years old
HEIGHT : 5'06"
WEIGHT : 140 lbs




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October 31, 2004

Danny as Laura Ingles Halloween.

October 31, 2004

Danny and Kendall on Halloween.

Tribute to Danny

Wednesday January 19th, on Schweitzer Mountain.

CBA Alumni

At Ryan's highschool graduation in 1999.

~The Clune Family

Our Parent's 25th Anniversary Party

Here is Danny, Ryan, Kevin and I at my parents 25th anniversary party.
As you can tell it was a very exciting party.


Danny, Kendall, and Ryan

Mount Tremblant

The week at Mount Tremblant was amazing. Danny improved so much on his riding that week and I could see him really embracing the sport and beginning to make it a part of who he is. We took the Canadian party scene by storm that week. They had never encountered a duo like my brother and I.


Mount Tremblant

This is a picture of Danny, Vignone and Ryan in Le Forge at Mt. Tremblant the winter of their senior year.

~Erin Fredericks

Partying Backstage at CBGB's

Here is when Andy's band, Spider Rico played cbgb's. Danny was living in Brooklyn at the time and came out for the show. We partied hard while my parents watched online through cbgb's live webcam.


"Hot Rod"

There's a little story behind the picture that I should probably let you in on...

For our friends wedding (Mat and Robin) a bunch of us were in Boston. At some point during the weekend, the legend of "Hot Rod" was born. Hot Rod was Dano. We aren't really sure if it's a name that he gave himself, or if somebody decided to call him that.  

Hot Rod was kind of like a super cool alter ego.  The legend of Hot Rod really was characterized by his "move".  Hot Rod's "move" involved getting real low to the ground and revving up a little. The legend of Hot Rod became a myth of sorts, Dano refused to acknowledge his existence after the weekend.  My wife was Hot Rod's biggest fan and would beg Dano to break out Hot Rod again, but he pretended he didn't know what she was talking about.
. . . a few years later (this past summer) we were at the last Phish show.  Suzi somehow convinced Dano that Hot Rod needed to make a special appearance.  She needed to document Hot Rod, so she took the picture.
~Jimmy Orsillo

Danny and Soup

This picture was taken over the summer when Danny came home from Idaho. Danny, Ryan, Kate, Andy and I took Soup (Ryan's new dog) out on his first boatride.


Danny Snowboarding
in Idaho

Making Breakfast

About a year ago, Danny made breakfast for us.

He dumped blackbeans into raw eggs, and scrambled it. The eggs came out grayish brown and crumbly, it looked like rotten meat.

It was funny, I teased him but it tasted okay.



This is from our cross country trip out west last year. We stopped in the Badlands in South Dakota to check it out.


On the Computer


In Vermont

This picture is from the Coventry show in Vermont.  Dan got there early (of course).  He called us back in Boston and asked if we'd pick him up a pair of rubber boots because there was so much mud.



Summers at the beach

We spent every summer in Pt. Pleasant Beach. From left to right:
Jessica, Beth, Todd, Kara, Nelie,
Danny and Mike

~the Clune family

2001 Cruise

Our family cruise.

~the Clune family

2001 Cruise

Danny getting off the boat in Mexico

~the Clune family


2001 Cruise

Partying on the cruise ship. We came home with a suitcase full of pink cups!

~the Clune family


The Head Shaving Party

When Danny was home this summer, we shaved his head. This is Danny seeing himself for the first time with short hair since 1993.

~the Clune family


Funky Town

Danny made this table for Funky Town when he first visited Sandpoint, ID.

~the Clune family


New Years

Here is Danny ready to bring in the New Year.  As with his boots in Vermont, Danny is never one to under-dress for a special night out.

This picture was taken to show off his tuxedo and new hairstyle before hitting the town for the New Year's Eve Phish show in Miami.

~Patrick Ahern 


Hot Rod's First Appearance

This is a picture of HotRod from the weekend that I first saw him appear -- Mat and Robin's wedding. 

Suzi was a community girlfriend shared by Dan, Scott, and me.

Again, the community status of my wife was denied by HotRod for a while, but we had documented proof here.

~Jimmy Orsillo

Newport Folk Festival

I've known Dan for a few years. We spent a couple of winters skiing up at Kurts place in vermont every other weekend. Dan would usually drive up from NY with Meg, Erin and whoever else was on board for the weekend late on friday nights (typically while it was snowing) We spent our time at killington skiing/snowboarding, then long trail brewery, and back to kurts house sitting around the blazing fire.

Kurt never wanted us to waste the wood, but Dan and I would usually overbuild the fire to the point where we would sometimes need to open the windows.

I didn't usually have a camera up in vermont, but I do have these of him during the Newport Folk Festival on my boat. He will be missed by all of us. ~ Gordon Carrolton

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