Brits offer to double reward in Clune disappearance
Posted: Wednesday, Nov 24, 2004 - 08:05:24 am PST
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Family starts Web site
SANDPOINT -- The British element of the community is offering to double the reward for information that leads to the safe return of a Sandpoint man who has been missing since Nov. 6.

Family of Danny Clune put up a $2,500 reward last week. A few days later people in the United Kingdom offered to match the award, bringing it to $5,000.

Clune is a programmer for, which uses an online book registry and tracking system to promote the sharing of books and literature.

"As you know Danny is a member of the staff at, and in the short time he's been there I think it's true to say that all the members of the site (over 300,000 worldwide) have learned to greatly value his work," said Steve Lucas of Coventry, England in e-mail correspondence to the Bee. "In short, we'd like to see him back: with his family and loved ones in the first instance, and if possible back at Bookcrossing too."

In the meantime, Clune's family has established a Web site to corral and distribute information about the missing man. It features a picture and descriptive information about Clune, in addition to links to media stories about the case.

The site is found at

Clune was last seen shortly before 2 a.m. at the Long Bridge Grill in Sagle. He was reportedly preparing to leave with friends when he went back into the lounge to get his sweat jacket.

Clune, 29, was last seen wearing a blue beanie-style cap, a blue sweat jacket and blue jeans. He stands 5-foot-6, weighs about 140 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

Friends and family describe him as responsible, not someone who would drop out of sight without telling anyone.

Since the disappearance, Sandpoint's rumor mill has been in overdrive. One rumor making the rounds on Monday was that Clune's body was discovered in a horse trailer in Sagle.

"I've heard that, too. But there's no truth to it. No body has been recovered," said Sandpoint Police Detective Steve Feldhausen, who is leading the investigation into Clune's disappearance.

• Those with information about the case are asked to call Sandpoint Police (265-1482) Bonner Dispatch (265-5525) or e-mail the information to the Clune Web site (