Public's help sought to find missing man
News editor

Clune was last seen at a bar in Sagle

SANDPOINT -- Police are seeking the public's help in finding a Sandpoint man who has not been seen since early Saturday morning.

It's out of character for Daniel Harry Clune to miss work or stay out of touch, which has his friends and family concerned about his safety.

"It's not like Danny because he's a pretty stable fellow," said friend Wendall Cada. "He has a regular job here and it's just not like him to bug out."

Clune, 29, was last seen at the Long Bridge Bar & Grill in Sagle. He arrived there with friends, but did not leave with them, according to Sandpoint Police Det. Corey Coon.

Clune's absence did not arouse any significant concern until Monday.

"His friends thought maybe he was just hanging out, relaxing from a wild weekend. When he didn't start showing up for work and some other things, they grew concerned," Coon said.

Clune is the lead programmer for, a company which utilizes an online book registry and tracking system to encourage the sharing of books and literature.

Bruce Pedersen, BookCrossing's co-founder, said Clune works from his Sandpoint home and usually stays in touch via e-mail or instant messaging. But Clune's online presence was not detected on Monday.
"He just didn't come online all day and that's when I started making some calls. Other people were already concerned as well," said Pedersen.

But nobody had seen Clune, who also missed a weekend team function with the Sandpoint hockey squad he plays on, which only heightened concerns.

Friends say he was in good spirits on Friday.

"He had a great work week and everything was good," Pedersen said.

Though Clune did not leave the Long Bridge with the people he arrived with, Pedersen said Clune knew many of the people who were at the bar that night.

"He knew a lot of people there and everybody probably thought somebody else took him home," said Pedersen.
Pedersen said he checked with the staff who closed down the Long Bridge early Saturday morning, but they didn't recall seeing him. A cab might have been called for Clune, although Pedersen said company officials declined to disclose customer information to him.

Clune was last seen wearing a blue beanie-type cap, a blue zip-up sweatshirt and blue jeans. He is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs about 140 pounds. He has dark hair and brown eyes. A recent photograph shows him with long hair, although Coon said Clune now wears it short.

Clune moved here from New York state about a year ago. He has no family in the area and Pedersen said Clune's parents have also been unable to reach him.

"Given Dan's responsible nature, it's just out of character for him to drop off the grid like this," said Pedersen.

• Anybody with information about Clune's whereabouts is asked to call Bonner Dispatch at 265-5525 or Sandpoint Police at 265-1482.